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About Humanitarian International

About Us

Gold Rush Victory Humanitarian is the corporate social responsibility arm of Gold Rush Victory Incorporation. We are an international charitable organization working to bring about lasting change to the lives of the most marginalized communities all throughout the globe including in the Philippines. We are committed to bringing together and pooling the resources of like-minded individuals and institutions dedicated to providing social services and ultimately bridging the gap dividing the rich and the poor. 

Our Mission

GRV Humanitarian strives to bring poverty-stricken communities closer to essential social services including education, healthcare, and employment assistance. 

Our Vision

We envision a nation where poverty has been eradicated and social justice is achieved for all Filipinos. 

Our Team 

GRV Humanitarian is made up of impassioned individuals and institutions from various backgrounds who share a common goal to work together to overcome poverty in the Philippines. After years of social work in the Philippines with our Managing Consultant Bishop John Ayudtud, COO Dolores Squires was awakened to the dire needs of the global need and of the Filipino people. Looking for ways to alleviate the situation, she pitched the idea for GRV Humanitarian and was met with full support from CEO Patrick McCarthy. Then, Systems Developer Rome G. Escabillas was brought in to work closely with partners in expanding our network and reach. The rest, as they say, is history. 

Local Partners

Eradicating poverty is a daunting task and we know we can’t do it ourselves. That is why we will be partnering with various entities throughout the country from healthcare providers and educators to employers and independent philanthropists.  

Our Future

GRV Humanitarian continues to develop lasting connections and seek new partnerships to multiply our impact on needy families and make long-term improvements in their communities.  

Interested in partnering with us and changing lives? The world will be all the better for it. You may send us a message at

Passionate about the same causes as we are? We’d love to have you on our team! If you’re a dedicated individual interested in effecting enduring change in marginalized communities, you may send your application to

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