About Us

In April 2017, Gold Rush launched with the vision of transforming lives through innovative business opportunities. Soon after the launch, Patrick McCarthy became the sole owner and administrator, guiding the company with unwavering dedication. In April 2020, with the strategic insight of COO Dolores Squires, the company underwent a significant transformation. This included a comprehensive revamping of the website and compensation plan, culminating in the rebranding to Gold Rush Victory. Today, we stand as a testament to perseverance, innovation, and our commitment to our members' success.

Our Vision
At Gold Rush Victory, our vision is to exceed our members' expectations by delivering first-class products, engaging in humanitarian projects, and providing multiple streams of income. We strive to create a community where our members not only achieve financial success but also contribute positively to society.

Our Mission
Gold Rush Victory was created for those who have a life's mission of helping others in need while achieving their financial goals. Our mission is to support individuals with a strong desire to succeed in their own business ventures. We provide the tools, resources, and opportunities necessary to empower our members to reach their highest potential.