Dr. John Ayudtud


Rome Escabillas

MIS / Systems Developer

Core Team

Patrick Mc'carthy

Patrick is a seasoned professional with over 30 years experience in Executive and Managerial facets in both the Hospitality and Sales/Marketing industries. Patrick grew up in the Midwest and learned the value of a great work ethic, honesty and integrity from a very early age. He has incorporated these core beliefs in his professional endeavors and has been very successful. In 2010 Patrick entered the direct sales field and has compiled teams of over 8000 members in 50 countries. He has had great success in the Network Marketing Industry to date and is co-founder of GRV, as well as, other prosperous companies.He enjoys this business tremendously, especially the people he meets from around the world every day. Patrick is a musician during his off time; he also enjoys boating, golf and spending time with his wife and four children. He works hard but also believes it is important to balance work with family time.