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  • This is an opportunity of a life time
  • There is no mandatory recruiting. 
  • You can share it with two people
  • or two people that is part of your team will fall into those two slots underneath you.
  • The only amount you had to put in was 45.00

  • You can start with the 1st matrix which is the 10 karat matrix. 
  • Or start as a group to advance on the level (terms and conditions apply(
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You start with the 1st matrix which is the 10 karat matrix. That is $45 to join so you have 2 people on your 1st level and you 4 people on your 2nd level and those 4 people are also called your payline. So $45 times 4 people comes to $180, you've now earned $180. It costs $100 to upgrade to the 2nd matrix, the 14 karat matrix you get to keep $45 and the admin gets $35. On the 2nd matrix the14 karat matrix that's $100 for each position so

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